VFIN Logo VerticalWhat Is the Vermont Food Investors Network?

The Vermont Food Investors Network (VFIN) is a project of Slow Money Vermont. VFIN creates opportunities for individuals, businesses, and investors to network, invest money in local communities, and help build a more resilient and sustainable economy in the Vermont foodshed. VFIN hosts in-person networking events, and--through collaboration with Milk Money--facilitates connections between entrepreneurs and investors online.


VFIN on the Milk Money Website

VFIN serves as the portal for food and farm deals on the Milk Money platform. We have partnered with Milk Money to offer Vermont investors an easy way to find investment opportunities in Vermont’s food and farm system. Likewise, VFIN aims to make it easier and more efficient for food and farm entrepreneurs to locate investors interested in putting their money where their mouths are. For the details on how the platform works for both entrepreneurs and investors see here.

VFIN participation is intended for local investors and local investing entities, and is open to any Vermont resident. Vermont residency is required for regulatory reasons. Interested investors should register here to gain access to active investment campaigns.


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