Where do I send my investment?

How can I increase my pledge?

Is my investment tax deductable?

Can I invest if I'm NOT a Vermont Resident?

Can a revocable trust invest in VSBO campaigns via Milk Money?

What is an accredited investor?

How does Milk Money make money?

Can I use a credit card to make my investment?

How much will I get back from my investment?

How much of a company will I own?

What are the different types of securities offered through Milk Money?

Why do I have to sent in a copy my drivers license?

Why can’t I see any campaigns?

How do I know if a company is a good investment?

Can I invest money from my IRA/401(k)?

Why can only Vermont residents invest in Milk Money campaign?

What do I get for my investment?

How many companies can I invest in?


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