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We are a multi-generational, organic farm owned by the Devos family. Located near the shores of Lake Champlain in Ferrisburgh, VT, our farm has over 200 cows consisting of Holsteins, Jerseys and Jersey/Holstein crosses. During the growing season our cows and heifers (teen cows) graze on the lush grass our pastures provide.

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Our milking cows also get some mixed legumes and grains at the barn to provide them with the energy they need to maintain a healthy body condition so that they can make our great organic milk.

We believe that by maintaining the health of the land and the health of the cows we can provide a fantastic organic milk free of Growth Hormones, GMO’s, Pesticides Herbicides and Antibiotics for our consumers.

We have a great team of employees who are dedicated to providing quality products to you. We’re a small business expanding into the North-Eastern United States and East Coast. Our products can be found in natural food stores, grocery store chains, mom & pop stores, to many restaurants and bakeries. View our website for available products and to find locations near you. 



Green Mountain Organic Creamery produces organic products from dairy to iced tea. The milk is obtained from our own single family owned farm: Kimball Brook Farm. Pints 20151019 kimballbrook hoverfly Pints 72dpi 

We provide a product line of: Whole Milk, Skim Milk, 1% & 2% Milk, Heavy Cream, Half & Half, Chocolate Milk, Maple Milk, Iced Cappuccino Mocha & Coffee flavors, Buttermilk, Butter (Salted & Unsalted), and finally a line of Iced Teas (Black Tea with Lemon Sweet & Unsweet, Green Tea with Mint Sweet & Unsweet).



We do this because we saw a need for local great tasting organic products. The farm and creamery are our passion and we are proud to be able to supply our local community and the North-Eastern United States with our products.

We believe in our products and want others to fall in love with them just like us. We believe that having the best organic ingredients result in a fantastic product and that product is produced at Green Mountain Organic Creamery.


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Our company is looking expand its reach further into the East Coast and beyond! Vermonters, find out how you can help us grow our company, please register as an investor.





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