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Our second investor event took place last week in Burlington at the BCHC. even though it snowed more than 20 people ventured out to learn more about Milk Money and meet 4 Vermont entrepreneurs.

Jack Gilbert from Gringo Jack's down in southern Vermont made the trip and told us more about his flakey chips, salsas, new BBQ sauces and his growth potential. Of course, there were plenty of samples, which were all gone by the end of the evening. You can learn more about Gringo Jack's click here.

Shirley Richardson from Vermont Chevon made the trip in the snow all the way from Danville. Shirley's presentation opened with her "Goat is the New Kale" slide.How Vermont is that? Vermont Chevon rescues the baby boy goats from creameries around the state, raises them and then harvests them for goat meat that she sells to restaurants as far away as New York and Boston as well at to markets around the northeast that sell to the new American population. If you didn't already know, goat meat is one of the healthiest of meats, loaded with.....

And lastly, our hosts Kate Westdijk and Guido Masé spoke about their new Burlington Community Herbalism Clinic. BCHC operates as a cooperative that offers a clinic, an apothecary and educational opportunities for clients in a private and professional setting, centered on the use of medicinal plants, nutrition, and exercise to support optimal health and well being.

Lots of great interest in these entrepreneurs. Look for more info on each of them on our website in the coming weeks.

We couldn't have done it without the generous support of Merritt, Merritt & Moulton and Slow Money Vermont. Thank you.

Next stop? Another Investor Event in Norwich at King Arthur Flour on Feb 23.

- Louisa


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