Janice BFP croppedAnd Milk Money Vermont was born...

In October 2011 I started a blog called Moogle Vermont that promotes Vermont “one cool thing at a time”. There are so many great things happening in this state that I thought it was important to highlight all these businesses and ideas in one place that would be marketed to Vermonters and tourists alike. Vermont is much more than leaves, mountains and maple syrup. There are a lot of amazing companies doing incredible things and most Vermonters don’t even know about them.

Then one day, I saw this article in the BFP  and immediately thought that was Janice was doing with her CSE was so innovative I needed to do a Moogle entry True Body. So I picked up the phone, called her and introduced myself. We chatted all about her soap, her branding, her experience and challenges with getting funding. Fascinating! Her story of how hard it was to get funding echoed many other entrepreneurs I had already Moogled. We ended up meeting for coffee at Muddy Waters and knew that day in February, 2012 that one day we were going to go into business together.Janice BFP front page

As we developed our friendship we realized our experiences complimented each other and we were both passionately committed to all things Vermont and investing local. We tossed around lots of ideas of how to help entrepreneurs, especially those who made products that carry the made in Vermont label. It’s these very products that make the powerful made in Vermont brand, yet they couldn’t get money to grow their businesses.

Then, in the summer of 2014, when the Department of Financial Regulation announced modifications to the state’s securities regulations (i.e. VSBO), Janice realized this was our chance. Let’s create a website that makes it easier for companies to use this new exemption.

And Milk Money Vermont was born.


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